A Story of Breast Cancer
Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi

There are more than one million women in the MidSouth and Mississippi.

1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.

IF detected early, the 5 year survival rate is 99%.

Men get breast cancer, too.

Breast cancer is not found in the Emergency Room until it’s almost too late.

Breast cancer affects all ages, all races and all income levels.

Our Story 1

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi is a locally incorporated and independently governed non-profit with an affiliation to Susan G. Komen.

We focus on funding breast health care, support and education for the Mid-South, and funding breast cancer research.Lab

We have a local board of directors, small staff, Grant committee, Race committee, Rock the Ribbon committee, and hundreds of volunteers. All working together to raise the much needed funds to grant to our local doctors and hospitals to save lives here at home.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth has given over $3,.5 million to breast cancer research since 1993.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth gives 25% of funds raised here to breast cancer specific research, no one else does that.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth is the only Race/Walk to give grants to health centers and hospitals specifically for screening, mammograms and treatment for women and men of all ages.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi has provided almost $11.3 million to area health centers, hospitals, education programs and support groups since 1993.

IMO BannerThere are many good people fighting cancer.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi is the leader fighting breast cancer. For every dollar raised, 25% of net goes to breast cancer research and all of the remaining funds stay local.

We have directed over 80% of ALL income received to grants, mission and research.

The Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon Logo the Running Ribbon is a guarantee that your dollars are always used to support breast health and fight breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi

We publish our giving. We publish our grants.

We are proud of what we, our sponsors, donors, race registrants and volunteers accomplish by working together.

We care about the women and men and families in our communities.

We care about finding a cure for breast cancer.

We care about providing Real help for Real people in Real time.

Right here at home.

We care.

Our grant committee is made up of Mid-Southerners who know our community and make the best decision for the best use of our funds.  No one else decides who receives these funds – not our Board of Directors, not Susan G. Komen, not other Affiliates.  We are totally independent and totally committed to what is the best for Memphis, the Mid-South, and Mississippi.

Click here for a complete lists of our grants since 1993.